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About One Reed Publications... plumed serpent

One Reed Publications and are named for the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, god of knowledge, culture, and civilization, also known as a feathered or "plumed" serpent. Quetzalcoatl had several names, including "Ce Acatl," which translates literally as One Reed. The Native American astrology that developed in ancient Mexico utilized a 20-sign system, one of which was the sign Acatl or Reed. Reeds were used to make war darts or arrows and were a symbol for directness and power. Legend had it that Quetzalcoatl arrived in Mexico in the year called One Reed, and was expected to return when that number and sign combination recurred, thus his name "One Reed." Unfortunately for the Aztecs, Cortes arrived on the shores of Mexico in the year named One Reed and used the ancient prophecy to his advantage. For more information about the Quetzalcoatl myth, see the article library on this website.

In ancient Mesoamerica, the land that is today part of Mexico and northern Central America, an astrological system developed that spread to all parts of the region and became part of a shared intellectual and spiritual culture. While archaeoastronomers and anthropologists have long recognized that this is the case, they have only investigated the nature of the astronomy that served to support the astrology of these civilizations and the myths that inform it. The true astrological component has been neglected and ignored, in part due to the fact that much of the Native literature on the subject was destroyed at the time of the Spanish Conquest and in part due to the fact that astrology as a subject in itself has been deemed a deception by the scientific establishment. This later reason is open to question, and anyone investigating this topic from a historical perspective will soon realize that the debunking of astrology is more a case of misunderstanding than something that rests on scientific foundations. However, believes that Mesoamerican astrology as a working system exists, is in the process of rehabilitation, and may prove to be useful in the quest for self-knowledge and in an understanding of natural cycles and their effects on the biosphere. is dedicated to the restoration and further development of this world-class astrological system offers a variety of resources for the study of Mesoamerican astrology, the astrology of the Maya, Aztec and other cultures of ancient Mesoamerica. We offer a free online computer report that delineates the characteristics of one’s personality and destiny as "predicted" by several of the components of the traditional Mesoamerican astrological system. A more complete report is available for a small fee and the program itself is for sale. We also have a large article library on line that includes an annotated bibliography of books related to the subject of Mesoamerican astrology and astronomy. also serves as a platform for information on other traditions of astrology, primarily Western. The Valerie Vaughan forum offers a number of this popular astrological writers articles, including her highly intelligent broadsides on those who attempt to debunk astrology. Her writings have disturbed the skeptic community to the extent that they have generated a great deal of internet correspondence and the cover article of a recent edition of the magazine "Skeptical Inquirer." A number of articles by Bruce Scofield are also posted, including a selection of his popular column in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

Two other topics will expand the domain of in the future. Barry Orr’s studies of diurnal cycles have been incorporated into a brilliant program that will be featured on "" Visitors will be able to try a sample report, or order from a variety of reports that detail the nature of individual days on an hour-to-hour basis. Natural Astrology, the tradition of astrology as it relates to cycles of climate, weather (astrometeorology), and biology will be the theme of a linked component of It will include a collection of popular articles and scientific studies related to natural cycles.

We hope that you find something of interest on and will visit us in the future.