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The following are links related to Mesoamerican and Western astrology and astronomy. If you know of a site that you think should be added here, please drop us an e-mail message.

Academic websites on Mesoamerican studies and archaeoastronomy: - the Maya astronomy page. - bibilography of mesoamerican archaeoastronomy. - A Review of Contemporary Understandings of Prehispanic Astronomic Knowledge by James Q. Jacobs. - The Dresden Codex. - Anthony Aveni's website. - This "Rabbit in the Moon" site has lots to investigate. Go to Mayan Architecture Models, How did the Aztecs, Culture, Games, Oddities: The 6 tests of Xibalba. Spoken Yucatec Language.

Maya and Aztec astrology websites: - John Jenkins has written extensively on Maya numberology, calendrics and the Mayan calendar.
Obsidian Butterfly - by Gevera Bert Piedmont. Lots of information on Mesoamerican astrology and many other topics. - Bob Makransky's website - he lives in Guatemala and has an inn there. - Publisher of a book on the Aztec Sun Stone.

New Age Mesoamerican websites: - Yari's website contains a variety of articles and information on calendar correlations. - Carl Calleman's views on what the Mayan calendar means.

Interesting Western astrology websites: - Rob Hand's translations of ancient astrological texts project. - Welcome to C.U.R.A. University Centre for Astrological Research. - The New Times Holler! magazine, featuring interesting astrological articles by New York artist and astrologer Amir Bey.

Astrological organizations and schools: - the website of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. A serious astrology organization that has produced the best set of educational standards in the field of astrology. - the Astrological Society of Princeton's website. - Kepler College - a real college of astrological studies.

Websites with articles by or about One Reed Publications authors: - ACT Astrology: astrological dialogues hosted by Michael Erelewine. - The news from an astrological perspective. Contains some articles by Bruce Scofield and Valerie Vaughan. - a great astrology magazine.

Websites of astrology software producers and publishers: - one of the original astrology software makers. The site contains articles, free charts, etc.

Astrology Book Stores: - Sagittarius Books carries over 1000 astrological titles.