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The Maya-Aztec Astro-Report

Bruce Scofield's interpretations of the Day Signs are now available as personalized on-line computer reports provided as a joint service of One Reed Publications and Orr Media Technologies, Inc. Both English and Spanish language versions of the report are offered.

You can view a FREE sample report, which is an abbreviated version of the full report designed to give you the flavor of themes that are further developed in the full report. It is several pages in length.

The full report is a complete personality delineation, approximately 10 pages in length, that includes the following sections:

The full report is available for only USD$ 14.95, and you can purchase it on-line using secure payment services provided by PayPal. Your report will be displayed on-line (usually in only a matter of seconds), and a link to the report will also be emailed to the address you specify. (Note: Email delivery of the report is optional for the free sample version -- you can simply view it online.)

Sample Reports

Many people have asked for examples of how detailed and accurate the Maya-Aztec Astro-Reports can be. Click on any of the links below to view sample reports for the political figure in question. The samples shown represent the actual reports as generated by our program, and were not modified in any way.

How to Order

To order either a free or paid report, click on the one of the buttons below.