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cover Astrological Chart Calculations: An Outline of Conventions and Methodology

by Bruce Scofield

2018 Edition: A new edition of Astrological Chart Calculations is now available. The original 2001 edition has been expanded to 240 pages of information on the astronomy and mathematics of astrology.

One Reed Publications - (c) 2001, 2018
 6 x 9, 240 pages, paperback
 $23.45 (free shipping)

Astrological Chart Calculations preserves and teaches the methods of the most basic astrological chart calculations and tells the story of its history. It addresses the disconnect between the actual process of mapping the sky and the simple arithmetic that is required by astrological exams.

Astrological Chart Calculations is presentation of the key concepts behind the celestial sphere, the keeping of time, the development of trigonometry and nature of house systems. It is a general reference useful to any student of astrology. Anyone who has passed high school algebra and geometry should be able to follow the explanations and worked calculations in this book.

It is hoped that a deeper knowledge of this traditional part of astrology, that is the challenge of mapping the sky and the mathematical ritual of preparing a chart, will allow students to not only glean deeper insights into the subject, but also to allow for a unique contact with astrologys long history.

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Coordinate Systems: Astronomical and Temporal Frames of Reference...9

Chapter 2: Space and Time Measurement...27

Chapter 3: Using Triangles to Measure the Sky: A Short History of Trigonometry...39

Chapter 4: Systems of House Division...75

Chapter 5: Calculating the Astrological Chart...93

Chapter 6: Chart Calculations using Interpolation Tables...113

Chapter 7: Chart Calculations using Algebraic equations (Proportions)...129

Chapter 8: Chart Calculations using Logarithms...143

Chapter 9: Chart Calculations using a calculator with trigonometric functions...153

Chapter 10: Other Astrological Chart Calculations...163

Chapter 11: Calculations and Certification...201

Tables for Calculations...207

References ... 235