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coverThe Aztec Circle of Destiny

by Bruce Scofield and Angela Cordova

Second Edition Now Available as Paperback --

The Aztec Circle of Destiny was published in 1988 by Llewellyn Publications. It was one of the very first publications devoted to the complex astrological-divinatory system used by the Maya and Aztec peoples in pre-Columbian times, and it was an early example of a divination system packaged as a kit. Llewellyn Publication's Aztec Circle of Destiny consisted of a 218-page book on Aztec divination and astrology, 20 cards, and 13 wooden chips.

The cornerstone of the set was 20 cards, envisioned by Mexican-born psychic Angela Cordova and Bruce Scofield that depict the 20 day-signs of the Aztecs. Each full-color card displays symbolic images reflective of the nature of the day-sign using early post-Conquest style artistry. The 13 numbers are were printed in Maya bar-dot fashion on 13 chips contained in a small sack.

During the late 1980's over 5,000 copies of The Aztec Circle of Destiny were sold. In the early 1990's foreign versions of The Aztec Circle of Destiny were published in Mexico and Holland. Around this time Llewellyn let it go out of print. A possible second edition was considered, but the product was not updated in time for the publishing deadline.

Today The Aztec Circle of Destiny lives again! Llewellyn has sent us the remainders of cards and chips. We also have the second edition text, which is a great improvement on the original book but has never been published, available as a 6 x 9 paperback 146-page book.

Complete kit: set of 20 cards (shrink wrapped), 13 wooden chips, and 2nd edition text - $25 postpaid. (Shipping is media mail. For Priority mail add $3.)

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