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cover DAY-SIGNS: Native American Astrology From Ancient Mexico

by Bruce Scofield

In Day-Signs: Native American Astrology From Ancient Mexico readers will find the first psychological delineations of the 20 signs of Aztec/Maya astrology ever published. The author, a professional astrologer, has investigated the subject of Aztec/Maya astrology and fleshed out the lost symbolism. He is an astrologer doing astrology, not an archaeologist or anthropologist pretending to understand this complex subject. Included in the book is a clear explanation of the Aztec/Mayan system of astrology and what both academic researchers and the indigenous peoples of Mexico know about it. Following this are delineations of the 20 signs including a list of famous people born under each one. Every one is influenced by one of these 20 signs that form the cornerstone of Aztec/Maya astrology just as the zodiac is central to Western astrology. The book ends with 30 pages of tables for determining your day-sign of birth.

Fate Magazine's review said "Scofield proved, to my satisfaction, that the ancient [Mexican] calendar, neglected for five centuries, is still a valid system." Horoscope Guide said "For all who are intrigued with Astrology's beginnings, or who are drawn to Native American wisdom, this book is a must!"

Pages: 222
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: paper
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 0-9628031-0-3

NOTE: This book is currently out of print.