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by Bruce Scofield

User's Guide to Astrology introduces astrology to both believers and non-believers. It explains many little-known facets of astrology including its long history and why astrology is currently rejected by science. In fact, "User's Guide" answers most, if not all, questions about what astrology is in one, concise volume. You'll find descriptions of all the major astrological symbols, planets, aspects, signs, and houses. There is also much valuable information on computers and astrology, help in finding an astrologer, a "try-this-at-home" section, a list of planetary movements for the next ten years, and a directory of publications and services.

Dell Horoscope Magazine says "User's Guide to Astrology is indispensable in navigating through this controversial yet fascinating subject." The Mountain Astrologer's review said "This is a wonderful introduction to astrology that covers all the basics very well. I would place it alongside Ronald Davison's classic introductory work, Astrology, written in 1963."

Pages: 144
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: paper
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 0-9628031-3-8
List Price: $10.00  Special Internet Price: $8.00