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cover What Astrology Is...and How to Use It

by Bruce Scofield

Wessex Astrologer - (c) 2021
 6.14 x 9.21 inches, 218 pages, paperback
 $20.00 (includes Media Mail shipping - see shipping information under "books")

A solid, no-nonsense introduction to astrology

In 1981 I put together a small 12-page xeroxed booklet titled Some Facts About Astrology which I handed out to people who were clueless about the subject. I don't know for sure how effective it was in changing minds, but I think it did muzzle some skeptics. A few years later I added more information on the nuts and bolts of astrology which brought the little book to 46 pages. I also changed the name to Astrology for Open Minds and printed it myself using my dot-matrix printer. At this point the book covered the history of astrology, what an astrologer does, the symbolism and some practical uses. By the end of the decade I had expanded the book to 100 pages and changed the title again, this time to User's Guide to Astrology, and self-published it in an 8.5 x 11 format with plastic binding. Then, in 1997, I added more information and had it printed as a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback of 144 pages.

During the pandemic quarantine I expanded the book to over 200 pages and then worked with Margaret at The Wessex Astrologer to put out a new edition with a new cover and new title: What Astrology is...and How to Use It. It's now a very complete introduction to astrology; good for someone new to the subject, useful as an textbook on the beginner to intermediate level, and it shows how to do astrology yourself and where to find resources.

You can order a copy of What Astrology is...and How to Use It from most major booksellers or here for $20, including Media Mail shipping. See shipping information under "books."