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Tuesday, August 21st

Venus Switches from Evening Star to Morning Star - Hold on to your Hat

By Barry Orr and Bruce Scofield

The end of Venus's visibility as an evening star ends on about August 13th, 2007, when it disappears into the Sun's rays. On August 18th (GMT), it reaches inferior conjunction. On August 22nd (approximately), Venus makes its first appearance as a morning star, rising in the pre-dawn sky just before the Sun. (Technically, this is know as its "heliacal rising.") The Maya viewed this emergent Venus as a malevolent deity, a "spearing god" who struck down specific groups or things depending on the associated position of the apparition in their 260-day calendar. The details of this association are contained in the Venus tables of the Dresden Codex, one of the few surviving books of the Maya culture.

bco on 08.21.07 @ 02:34 PM EDT [more..]

Saturday, July 31st

Maya "Burner Days"

In several places I’ve (Scofield) drawn attention to the Burner Days of the Maya (see under “articles” on this website). It appears that these days correlate with a kind of global pulse that seems to be of the nature of remembrance, reconciliation, and recapitulation. There are often admissions of guilt in the news around these dates also. I suspect that the ancient Maya thought of them as times for stimulating or healing the psychic integrity of the community. I don't know how the Maya view these times today.

I have found that very often on or within a day or two of these dates a major public figure will die (i.e. Mao se Tung, King Hussein of Jordan) and be memorialized, or that something from the past emerges and demands some closure. It appears that the Burner Days bring out deep feelings and emotions from the public at large, a kind of collective projection onto a figure, an event, or even a set of ideas.

The Burner Days occur at 65-day intervals. I have noticed that some people are using these in the context of the Arguelles-Dreamspell correlation of calendars. Here we use the indigenous correlation, the GMT 584,283 correlation, which appears to give much better results. The reasons for this phenomena are not clear and need investigation. For now, we can only note correspondences and hope to better understand the process.

Burner dates in 2004:

1.28.2004 – Jack Parr died, Chinese audits corruption in government, Mars Rover lands
4.2.2004 – Air America Radio goes live, US Postal Service unveils new John Wayne stamp,
6.6.2004 – Ronald Reagan died, the Venus transit dominates other news.

Bruce on 07.31.04 @ 03:34 PM EDT [link]

Venus synodic cycle astrology

Venus Synodic Cycle Discussion

This discussion concerns the model that I’ve articulated in several articles posted on the website. I’ve (Scofield) argued that the Venus synodic cycle of 584 days correlates with socio-political events. The cycle can be broken down into four phases, as the Maya did, which are:

1. Inferior conjunction – when Venus is between the Earth and the Sun. At this time Venus is retrograde geocentrically. The exact conjunction occurs midway in the retrograde period when Venus is moving quite rapidly (about 35-40 minutes arc per day) in one direction, while the Sun is moving direct in the zodiac at a rate of about a degree a day. These two bodies pass each other quite quickly and consequently the conjunction (using a 7 degree orb) last for just a few days.

2. Morning star – when Venus is visible shortly before sunrise. I’ve pointed out that the most focused part of this phase is when Venus is at greatest eastern elongation – its greatest distance from the Sun. This occurs about two months after the inferior conjunction.

3. Superior conjunction – when the Sun is between Venus and the Earth. At this time the daily motion of Venus and the Sun are similar and consequently the conjunction remains within a 7 degree orb for nearly two months. During this time Venus is too close to the Sun to be visible.

4. Evening star – when Venus becomes visible again, this time after the Sun sets. Greatest western elongation occurs when Venus is furthest from the Sun, about two months before the next inferior conjunction.

Based on the Quetzalcoatl myths and the inscriptions on the ball court at El Tajin, I have suggested in several articles and papers that the social correspondences to this synodic cycle are:

1. Inferior conjunction – impulsive actions, premature decisions, errors in judgment, sex scandals, big mistakes, etc. The idea is that desire runs ahead of reason.
2. Morning star – at the greatest eastern elongation errors reach extremes or begin to accumulate and draw reactions.
3. Superior conjunction – Actions made at the inferior conjunction are judged.
4. Evening star – Reality sets in, payment for impulsive actions is demanded in some way.

In my book, "Signs of Time," I suggested correlations between the synodic cycle and world events between 1972 and 1993. In my article Quetzalcoatl and the Secrets of the Toltec Astrologers (originally published in The Mountain Astrologer) I drew attention to the extremely uncanny correspondences between the synodic cycle and the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. We now turn to the most recent synodic cycle and the beginning of the current one.

The previous synodic cycle appears to have correlated roughly with the Iraq war. The cycle unfolded as follows:

1. Inferior conjunction – 11.1.2002
Comments: The Bush administration took the case for the Iraq war to the UN on 9.12.2002 and to Congress on 9.14.2002. A resolution for war was signed on 10.10.2002. On November 6 Bush issued a final resolution to the UN concerning Saddam Hussein, who he called a "dangerous man."

2. Morning star – greatest eastern elongation on 1.11.2003
Comments: ON 1.9.2003 UN weapons inspectors said there was no smoking gun proving Iraq had WMD. On 1.13.2003 US warplanes struck a target in southern Iraq. The official war began on 3.20.2003.

3. Superior conjunction – 8.18.2003
Comments: On 8.19.2003 a car bomb exploded in front of UN headquarters in Baghdad leading to the departure of the UN presence in Iraq.

4 Evening star – greatest western elongation on 3.29.2004
Comments: During this period, Iraq was particularly violent leading many to question the prospects for survival of an independent Iraq.

5. Inferior conjunction – 6.8.2004
Comments: This precise conjunction occurred about 3 weeks before the official beginning of the new Iraq government.

The Current Venus Synodic Cycle beginning on 6.8.2004

I got a few emails from Sam Hewitt that are of interest. He said:

"If you are still tracking world news regarding the Venus Inferior Conjunctions, the most obvious appears to be the Abu Gharib 'torture memo' released by the Washington Post on June 8: "Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture" followed by Bush's denial that he had seen it: Financial Times reports June 11 that on June 10 "But when asked whether he had authorized the use of aggressive interrogation techniques to fight the war on terrorism, Mr Bush resorted repeatedly to a legalistic formulation: "The authorization I issued was that anything we did would conform to US laws and would be consistent with international treaty obligations." There is some similarity in this prose to Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Here is another story which is also a good example posted today:

"Hindu Mobs attack Indian Cinema over Lesbian Film", link:

We invite other comments.

Bruce on 07.31.04 @ 03:29 PM EDT [link]

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