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Shameless Self-Promotion

Mesoamerican astrology is the most powerful form of astrology ever invented on our planet. With it you will be able to enhance your own specialness and exude rays of confidence and prosperity. The staff of One Reed Publications invites you to participate in an imaginary  journey to Mythical Mexico, where you have lived before.*  There you will learn of your cosmic destiny from the Elder daykeepers who will read from the sacred books from the Dawn of Time. You will return on wings of ether to your home, transformed into a wiser and more advanced being than your friends and neighbors. Mesoamerican astrology is your key to power and abundance and will make you know that  you have a gift for the world.**

* Continental breakfast provided
**  The staff of One Reed Publications is not responsible for any unconscious association between the "specialness" offered by Mesoamerican astrology and the deeply embedded primary motivation to spread one's genetic material (i.e., gift) widely and successfully.

Testimonials from users

"The Onereed website contains a life-changing message of empowerment that few can afford to ignore. " -- Dr. Titan Orr

"Let me be frank.  I have never heard of Bruce Scofield."  -- H.R. "Bob" Dobbs, founder of the Church of the Subgenius

"I have seized the power of Aztec astrology and I have wept openly.  As a true faith-based method of sloth reduction, it rivals any 12-step program I have ever considered."  -- P. Bush, cousin to the former president

"It would be a sin not to visit this website."  -- Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft, author of Supreme Love Thrills

"It's Total Astrological Awareness!"  -- Dr. John Poindexter

"Mesoamerican astrology provides the world's only key to unravelling the mysteries of The Great Pyramid at Giza, the sinking of Atlantis, the design of crop circles, the Shroud of Turin, the Crystal Skull, the stone megaliths, the Zodiac, and the genetic code that reveals our link to an ancient intergalactic star-seeding civilization."  -- Juan "Big Bang" Yahwehcoatl
Author of Ancient Hebrew Traders in Mayapan and Tlaloc's Human Diet for a Teeming Planet

"The only difference between radical Y 20-12 millenarians and lemmings is that the latter are far more effective in triggering quorum sensing among their kind."  -- Antipodes Astrologicon

"This website is just another hotdog stand put up by a couple of wanna-be Indian bearded suburban white guys. Go back to New Jersey, dudes.."  -- Chief Hoboken

"Scofield and Orr are facile deconstructors of the emergent ontology of Post-Humanistic astrology." -- Jacques Derrida