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Welcome to the One Reed Publications Web Site.  You can find out about our books and computer software here, and also read about astrology, both Western and  Mesoamerican. 

This site was created by Bruce Scofield and Barry C. Orr.  If you're interested in joining our mailing list, or would like to send us email, please use our contact form.


How to Practice Mayan Astrology
Scofield's and Orr's book How to Practice Mayan Astrology is available from our publisher (Inner Traditions) or through Amazon.  

Cómo practicar la astrología maya, the much-requested Spanish translation of the book, is available.

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Bruce Scofield's new book The Nature of Astrology is receiving rave reviews. Robert Hand has called it "a superb piece of intellectual history," and Nicholas Campion described it as "the authoritative text on natural astrology." Bruce recently discussed the new work with Chris Brennan on The Astrology Podcast. He was also interviewed on Rebel Spirit Radio by Nick Mather.

November 2022: Bruce Scofield was interviewed on the MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio/TV Show on the topic Demystifying Astrology: Mechanism or Magic?. You can view a recording of the interview here.

2022: Bruce Scofield's book What Astrology Is...and How to Use It has been published by The Wessex Astrologer Ltd, a publishing company from England that publishes many high-quality books on astrology. Details are here.

A new edition of Bruce Scofield's Astrological Chart Calculations: An Outline of Conventions and Methodology is now available. Details are here.

Bruce Scofield’s book, Day-Signs: Native American Astrology From Ancient Mexico, which has been out-of-print for a decade is now being published by The Wessex Astrologer Ltd, a publishing company from England that publishes many high-quality books on astrology. Details are here.

The internationally popular Maya-Aztec Astro Report is now available in Spanish! You can order reports here: Reporte Astro-Maya-Azteca, en ESPAÑOL.

2015: The Aztec Circle of Destiny lives again! A new edition of this classic divinatory work, including cards and chips, is now available from our Books Department.


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Haven't read enough dubious New Age claims recently?  If we were less reputable, these are the kinds of things we'd tell you about Maya/Aztec astrology!


Looking for answers? Try our free new Divination Page based on Mesoamerican calendar symbols.

The popular Maya-Aztec Astro Report is a detailed personality profile based on Mesoamerican astrology. Visit our Maya-Aztec Report Page for more information.


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